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Singinawa Conservation Foundation

SINGINAWA, meaning “Protectors of the Sacred Forest”, is not just a Himalayan originated word for us, but the spirit that binds the entire workforce at the SINGINAWA CONSERVATION FOUNDATION. The forests of the Central Indian Highlands, especially Kanha and the contiguous forests of Chattisgarh and the mighty river Narmada, are our inspiration and point of reverence. Our quest is to protect the ecological and social integrity of these green lands, which, by virtue of their tangible and intangible wealth, have become sacred in nature.

The Foundation has been relentlessly contributing towards raising awareness about the natural habitat and indigenous communities of the region, since its inception in 2015. The Singinawa Conservation Foundation functions on the fundamental ethos of biodiversity conservation, upliftment of indigenous communities and ecological restoration around the Kanha National Park.

Our team at the Foundation and affiliate – Singinawa Jungle Lodge continuously strives to disseminate our core beliefs and philosophy through actions that go beyond the boundaries of our establishment at Kanha. Even the Visitors to the lodge are encouraged to inculcate these principles- love and respect for all things natural and wild, benefitting the flora and fauna, tribes and villagers through numerous initiatives.

The indigenous communities of the Baigas and Gonds are extended special focus at the Foundation. For us conserving these cultures and their lifestyles, languages, art forms, culinary styles and value systems is as important as conserving the tiger or barasingha.

Committed to extend and complement the conservation efforts of the Government, Kanha Tiger Reserve Authorities and professionals from the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department, SINGINAWA CONSERVATION FOUNDATION has been instrumental in achieving its core purpose of existence, that is “To give back to the Land, the Wildlife and the People of Kanha”.


Our various campaigns have been carved to serve the guiding philosophy of conservation, which in turn, empowers our team to unify all the key stakeholders of the region on a common platform and instill a strong sense of belongingness towards the Eco-System of Kanha. These campaigns are testament to the promising strides the Foundation has made since its inception in 2015. While these endeavors continue to be nurtured, the Foundation and its affiliates are active in recognizing other areas of engagement which fall within their larger mandate. Choose your area of interest and be a part of these pertinent efforts that are nurturing a growing community of like-minded individuals and groups.


SCF has adopted the school at Kohka Village, & as part of the Great Tiger Project’s initiatives


Health Care is provided free of cost for various villages around the buffer zone of Kanha.


This is a unique model in indigenous art, wildlife & energy conservation.


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About the MD

Managing Director

Ms. Tulika Kedia, an active Conservationist, Art Enthusiast and Visionary, is the binding force behind the Singinawa Conservation Foundation. Her passion to preserve nature and wildlife, along with a penchant to promote local art forms, have been her guiding light for undertaking several initiatives focused on Eco-Tourism, throughout her professional tenure. Leveraging on the extensive knowledge, multi-disciplinary experience and exposure of working with global stalwarts, Ms. Tulika Kedia has crafted a unique ensemble of “man and wild”, with her foundation of the Singinawa Jungle Lodge in Kanha. Since assuming helm at the Singinawa Conservation Foundation, she has been instrumental in driving transformation for consistent improvement of the stakeholders in the region. Other than her remarkable feats at Singinawa, Ms. Tulika Kedia, an English Literature Graduate from the Delhi University, has also been the flag bearer for Art and Education, with her steering of the most prominent Indigenous Art Galleries in India – Must Art Gallery, Delhi, and spearheading educational initiatives at DPS Kamptee and DPS Mihan, Nagpur, respectively.